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Hj. Jousi Oy was established in 1914 by the current CEO Heikki Jousi’s grandfather Hjalmar Jousi. The company had however operated a few years earlier as a small item store as well as a shoe cream and technical factory.

A decade later Hj. Jousi Oy transferred into an album, briefcase and box factory making i.a. celluloid products and photo frames. In 1930 a handbag department was established in the factory and handbag stores were opened in Turku and Helsinki.

The year 1938 was a significant year in the history of Hj. Jousi Oy because the first bakelite products were then being produced. From here begun the company’s career among plastic products and Hj. Jousi Oy was infact one of the first plastic factories in Finland.

The first injection mould machine was purchased in 1948. In the same year the company also participated in St. Eriks Mässan –trade show in Stockholm. During the 1950’s the company produced boxes, medicine yars and Jousi’s first own jewellery and watch box collection, the T-series, by injection moulding.

In the 1960’s begun the actual export sales. The company participated in a floating Finn-Focus –exhibition at the river Thames in England. During the 1970’s the property in Turku was sold and the company moved it’s office to Kaarina, next to Turku. The export sales continued growing but the production of handbags was closed.

In the 1980’s Hj. Jousi Oy allocated lots of time to new products. Also the factory and office were expanded. In the 1990’s the automatizising of the production led to establishing own automatization department for the company’s own and customers’ needs. On the other hand the amount of hand work decreased essentially.

In the turn of the century the operation of Hj. Jousi Oy was organized and accustomed to the new economic situation. At the end of year 2007 a three year development project was launched through which new packackings for food stuffs are still developed.

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